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Annual lumber and wood

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By qizhen 9 days ago

Face market of domestic timber estate to demand exceeds supply and the state of resource scarcity, since 1998, the country begins to carry out natural forest protective project, adopt year after year to decrease cut down measure to domestic forest, the breach that homebred lumber supplies the market to appear gradually by wpc interlocking floor lay 15mm pebble foreign market fill.

Enter stability to develop level as our country economy, the amplification that produces construction and flowing water of person the people's livelihood rise smoothly make a countryman right cheapest and best way to cover concrete in back yard lumber demand year after year increases. Add the lumber that the country carried out 1999 to import 0 custom duty, and lumber entrance cancels company of check and ratify to run a system,

make lumber entrance swift and violent increase. Annual lumber and wood import volume rise steadily, china became world the biggest lumber to import a country, only quantity of Chinese log disadvantages pvc interior wall panels import achieved 48.72 million stere 2016, grow 9.4%; log to import amount to be 8076365 1000 dollars compared to the same period, grow 0.2% compared to the same period.