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How hard is the furniture industry from oily paint to water-based paint?

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By qizhen 9 days ago

Recently, the "Vientiane country," said the Lao government to expand the ban on timber exports, tighten the timber business. The introduction of this ban, a ripple. Insiders said that this year, many countries introduced ban or restrictions on timber exports. Coupled with many countries in recent years have introduced a variety of bans, has also led to speculation in the market,best dining room tables edmonton is not a new round of "wood export ban tide" coming soon? In the face of the already resource-hungry market, mahogany furniture business How to deal with the challenge?

Last week, the Lao government promulgated a new ban on exports of various tree species, wood products and ornamental plants aimed at controlling and maximizing the use of natural resources. Laotian Prime Minister Tong Lun promulgated the ban,Kain oxford boleh dilipat kerusi pantai the items listed for the logs, wood, part of the processing of wood, roots, roots, branches, dried trees and ornamental plants. The ban also covers the government's pre-approved logging limits, which means that all forms of logs and timber must be fully processed and converted to finished products before they are exported. The latest Prime Minister also prohibits the importation of timber and non-timber forest products into Laos and then exports to third-party countries.

Coincidentally, the new government in Benin also announced in early May strict control of timber exports. According to local media news, the new government in Benin held a cabinet meeting on May 11,Kerusi pantai luaran murah the Minister of Living Environment and Sustainable Development submitted an assessment report on the implementation of forest resources protection measures. According to the report, the Benin government banned the export of all forest products before the new regulations were introduced.

May the timber market a little "cold", but the entire timber market in the first half is not optimistic. Tracing back the market in the past six months will find that many countries banned or partially prohibit the export of logs. Among these bans, the market has a large impact in Myanmar. At the end of April,unique blue beach chair in queensland the general manager of the Burmese timber industry, Wu Laomao, said that timber cutting and processing of all timber enterprises in the country would not be included in the timber production of timber plantations, according to the annual production plan of the Ministry of Forestry 2016. News one, the market uproar. Many people worry that the resulting wood, including Burmese pear, will usher in a wave of price increases.