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Mini furniture practical concern

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By qizhen 9 days ago

Professor Peng Liang is a Ph.D. in engineering from the Design Institute of Shunde Vocational and Technical College. It is an expert who specializes in the special government of the State Council. In this time by the Guangdong Provincial Furniture Association, the new district classical furniture Chamber of Commerce, Guangdong Xinhui classical furniture City Co., Ltd. hosted the "Chinese furniture design salon",wall mounted drying rack for clothes Peng Liang to "traditional Chinese furniture heritage and innovation" as the theme, China's modern furniture design of the new Chinese design style, the global furniture handicraft design trends, China's higher design education and Chinese furniture design personnel training, "China made 2025" national strategy on the impact of China's furniture design, and focus on The concept of new Chinese furniture, design concepts, brand research and design status and problems facing the topic.

Peng Liang believes that China's Ming-style furniture known as the history of the development of the world's furniture, "the peak" by the world's respected. Today, on the basis of preserving the traditional handicrafts, the design and manufacture of traditional Chinese furniture has strengthened the application of modern science and technology, so that it has been handed down and adapted to the modern way of life. Among them, the "high imitation" "New Year" was founded by Mr. Yuetaiqin of Taiwan,wrought iron bistro patio table and chair "Aoki Church", founded by Shenzhen Dai Guo's father and son, and the creation of the " "Union for the home" as an outstanding representative.

When talking about the design, development and future trend of Chinese modern furniture, Peng Liang believes that China's contemporary furniture design has experienced a process from "imitation" to "improvement", from "plagiarism" to "creation". After years of effort After making gratifying progress. At present,aluminum drying rack clothes the Chinese furniture enterprises to take independent research and development and commissioned by way of product development research and development, which will be the traditional Chinese cultural spirit and contemporary lifestyles, as well as the attitude of innovation and innovation of new Chinese furniture has become a design and life of fashion, Gradually become the leading Chinese furniture design vane.

Peng Liang said that the new Chinese-style furniture in the design inherited the Tang and Song Dynasties, the essence of the Ming and Qing Dynasties home concept, especially in the Song Dynasty and the Ming Dynasty literati aesthetic thinking and Ming-style furniture as the focus of learning the object of study, which will extract the classic elements To be reconstructed. Peng Liang believes that although the new Chinese furniture design theory system is not perfect, the design of education model is imperfect, lack of design quality, has not yet become a mainstream consumer products, but with the return of Chinese lifestyle, new Chinese furniture will be a great market,iron pipe camp oxford cloth folding bed Furniture enterprises must be in the traditional heritage of traditional furniture at the same time, but also in the design of innovation, the current industry, "selling materials" thinking transferred to "sell design" up.