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Best Software to Download for Your Laptop in 2017

Below I am listing out some of the best software tools in 2017 that you can use for your PC or laptop. Being free software, these software helps you save money. The software help you secure and safeguard your system from malware. There are also many other software and apps available in the market developed by leading software and mobile app development companies in New Jersey that fulfil the same purpose. Here are some other software that are trending now a days. 

Best Categories of Software to Download for Your Laptop

Desktop Messengers

If you’re tired by sending a series of mails to the clients, you can avoid that from now onwards. Desktop messengers can replace such tedious email tasks. Apps like Fleep and MatterMost, which are available as free version as well, are helpful when working on a group project as it enables chatting with clients and in the group.  

Media Player

Everyone wants it in their laptop, as that helps them play video files. When we are talking about such software, VLC Media Player, GOM Media Player and Pot Player come in the first row.


Firewall is a network security system designed to avoid unauthorised access of your information by private network. Firewall can be implemented on both software and hardware. Some cool firewall software are Pf Sense, Comodo and Zone Alarm, and by installing these software, you can well protect your system.

Internet Security

Before doing anything with your business-centered laptop, you need to protect your computer and your data. If you don’t have any internet security for your laptop, it may invite vulnerabilities, so make sure you have a good internet security suite for your system. AVG is one of the best internet security software in the market, which provides real-time security updates, malware protection and alerts for performance issues.

To Speed up your PC

If your PC or laptop got slowdown by its performance due to several reasons like duplicate and junk files, unwanted programs and less storage option, you can use some software get it fast. By downloading CCleaner app for your computer or smartphone, you can speed up your system.

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Synchronisation and backup tools

Paragon Backup and Recovery is a good free backup software. It comes with a wide range of professional backup and disk management features.

SugarSync is another software, which plays dual roles as a synchronisation tool and as an automated backup program. It is easy and simple to use, which provides 5GB of free online backup space and needs little RAM and few system resource. It works with Macs as well as laptops or PCs.

File Sharing

By downloading SHAREit, you can share files easily between PCs, laptops, Android and iOS devices. It helps synchronize and share files and data across multiple pieces of hardware.

Send Any where is the another file sharing software that allows users to share any type and size of file between iOS, Android, PCs and laptops easily.

Movie Software

Since smartphones are coming up with powerful video cameras, everyone is video shooter today. Creating the best video content is very important for many businesses. But making all those footage look professional is a challenge. Cyberlink Power Directory helps you tackle the challenges. A great alternative to Cyberlink Power Director is Light works.

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