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FFXIV MSQ Boss Strong buy ffxiv gil in ssegold

Final Fantasy 14 latest piece of information "Stormblood" has been launched for some time, many players have experienced a lot of new content, but there are many players are a copy of the BOSS stopped the way, so that the progress of the game to promote the progress of the game Very slow. So this copy of the success of the players will be divided into two camps buy ffxiv gil in ssegold, customs clearance has been difficult to reflect the glory, did not feel that a story task is so difficult to accept, so they began an endless argument on whether to weaken the difficulty of this copy.

The Royal Menagerie is 4.0 version of the "lotus frenzy" in one of many plot trials. As the "red lotus frenzy" in the last trial, The Royal Menagerie is the most difficult one. This boss battle is divided into three stages, the need for players at least 70, you need 8 players and familiar with a variety of strategies to hit the boss.

In order to overcome this dragon, the player must be in the shaking platform to maintain stability, and then also to escape the dragon several attacks. In addition, the player also as much as possible in the shortest possible time to fill the action bar, even in the teammates were chain attacks can not be interrupted. So demanding requirements make the fault rate is very low, it makes it necessary to overcome the dragon has become very difficult buy ffxiv gil in ssegold, but it also meets many players on the full level after the final Boss difficulty expected, after all, if the knife seconds will become very Boring
But will this trial be set too difficult? Because many players try many times but still can not customs clearance. So in Reddit and the official forum, the players started a heated discussion.

SE is not the kind of company who do not listen to the voice of the players, they have heard before the voice of the players to reduce the difficulty of trial precedent, Steps of Faith test is a lesson. Steps of Faith is a trial in the main line of the game, but also because of the difficulty is too large and widely controversial. At that time SE was adjusted in the update buy ffxiv gil in ssegold, reducing the number of enemies of HP and damage output, which makes this trial easier to complete.

Although the clearance of the "Final Fantasy 14" story is not necessary, but to play the last point will be able to reveal the answer to give up when people can not be reconciled, and defeated the "red lotus frenzy" after the last Boss buy ffxiv gil in ssegold, but also unlock A merchant who sells strong equipment. And spend a couple of hours together with a group of small partners, after the death of numerous successful challenge a very difficult Boss, itself is not a very fun thing?
So some players will find such a difficult challenge to meet the final Boss settings, and high-end players do not want to be proud of their things into a bland task, so in every request to reduce the difficulty of Post reply, there will always be a large number of refutation of the sound. Many players think that SE design too much no difficulty of fighting, they should adhere to their own point of view, to those who habitually lazy players on a lesson.

In this regard, SE said they have noticed the player's feedback, and has been submitted to the development team. But it is not clear whether it will make adjustments, after all, use the differences between players is also very powerful. So they will continue to monitor the data in the next few weeks.